okay so i know like none of you are gonna care but i wanted these pictures back on my blog. cause they mean so much to me right now. they may not look like anything but they helped me realize who i am. for such a long time i had no fucking idea who i was. i didnt know what i was. this was when i started playing around with my gender to try and find me. i identified as bigendered for a while. i realize now that i better identify as a girl and i like it that way. just cause it was a phase for me it doesnt mean its a phase for everyone, but having this phase made me so much more aware of myself cause i questioned and explored, and i met some pretty friggen awesome genderqueers and trans* along the way. i love it.

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  1. meganisabitawkward said: Wait can I still call you Jam
  2. spooky-asshole said: I was wondering if you still identified as bi-gendered :3 You still don’t mind the name Jeyden do you?
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